The Beginning


  •  Due to my small stature, classmates always teased me for being smaller starting in elementary school (Cooke Elementary in Detroit)

  • My 6th grade memory book that I still have had a lot of my “friends” call me nerd, stupid, shorty, and other things that lowered my self esteem

  • High School bullying included (Aaron) who would also try to dog me and mess with me in the hallway. I was always scared to come to school and run into him. To make things worst, his dad liked my mother and began to get to know my mother. This caused me more trouble with him at school. No one defended me that I recall

  • Another occasion was in 11th grade when my classmate decided to grab me by the collar and pick me up off the ground and slam me against the wall. While I was on wall with my feet off the ground, my friend Sabrina came over to rescue me

  •   Bullying continued in various forms from being in my car and being trapped on street by 3 other cars and around 8-12 guys were in the cards and got out to try to beat me up on the street. My female friend was in the car and told me not to get out

  • I was severely depressed and had no desire to live in High School however no one in my family knew how I felt inside. I kept everything to myself and had no one to confide in

  • My best friend Curt was 2 grades lower than me but we were near the same age. We were in marching band together and he always treated me as if it was a burden to be my friend. But I kept trying to be nice and he finally accepted me as a friend. However in school, he did not necessarily stick up for me and sometimes I felt he didn't want to be bothered with me or caught around me at school

Sylvia Hoke